Consciousness Beholding All



I have been a seeker and finder of truth for over 25 years.  
My journey has taken me to many interesting places and 
I have met several enlightened teachers along the way.  
At one point, in the depths of despair, a tormented scream 
to God resulted in a profound transformation and from that 
time on I was always able to receive an answer from within 
to every question or need that arose.  
The following writings are taken from my journal titled,
                AT HOME IN THE SILENCE.


I love to sit with pen in hand
And contemplate that Silent Land
That lies within my very soul
And has become my only goal

As I withdraw from sight and sound
A peaceful calm glows all around
Once more I find myself at home
Alone within this silent dome

Then like a river comes the flow
And as I write I come to know
That Silence is the Source of All
And I surrender to Its call



If I could say one thing to you 
Certain that you'd hear
I'd turn your gaze upon the world 
And whisper in your ear

"The whole entire world of man
Is nothing but a show
To lure in and feed upon 
The ones who do not know

And anyone who sees this fact
Stands fast, then turns around
Gratefully acknowledging
The truth that he has found

'My kingdom is not of this world'
The gentle Master warned
The humble few heard what he said
All others laughed and scorned

Do we suppose two thousand years
Has changed this mighty fact?
Or is it still the same old show
And man the same old act?"


The fog rolls in
Obscures the view
And I with nothing else to do,
...Turn In

I like the soft
And swirling mist
I like to watch it twirl and twist,
...Here In

I feel the vapor
In my Soul
Oneness now my only goal,
With In!



We all know there is a way
To hear just what the wise men say
That is to strike a silent pose
And not the stance of one who knows

For there can be no other way
to come to know the truth this day
And that is why we kneel to pray
To hear what Wisdom has to say

Bow deep, forsaking foolish pride
For what we know has failed and died
And if we linger we die too
Arise! There is much more to do

Find the One among you now
Who shares the truth and shows men how
To listen with humility
The truth he speaks will set you free!

We've been told all through the years
But few there be with listening ears
Are you the one who hears today,
Or do you shrug and turn away?



I thought that I was letting go
But now, of course, I've come to know,
...not so

So many things I love so much
So many things I long to touch, know

"But child," the Father seems to say
"Your love was made to give away, sew

The joy of Life comes not from getting
And your part here in Life is letting

All things here belong to Me
Where else then could all things be, grow

Accept the Silent offering
These words that I am proffering show

That which you love to know and see
Is just another form of Me,
...I love you so!"


When a man dies, he is laid out and the words, 
"rest in peace" are spoken.
If man will Rest In Peace in Life, 
he will never die.



There is a Life that is Silence, 
where real courage and strength lie.
The "world" is unaware of the deep and powerful 
existence being experienced by souls who walk upon 
the earth in quiet humble expression.  
These Silent Ones are as Jesus, "in" the world 
but not "of" the world.  
They live the Spiritual Life and bless humanity by
being open channels to the Divine.  
Their focus is within where they touch Spirit 
and partake of the radiation emanating from 
the True Source of Life. 
Here the Fount of Wisdom, 
the Wellspring of Creativity, 
the Sea of Harmony lie waiting  to be tapped.  
Peace is the Vibration of this Energy, 
and Love the Energy-Motion Mode.  
Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men, 
the result of touching Center, 
is then the motive of every action or non-action 
expressed by these Pioneers of Spirit. 
These are the Shining Ones, full of Light, 
and blessed are those who encounter them upon the Way.  
They give the ever-lasting gift of Truth to all they touch, 
planting seeds of the Divine, sewing in every heart that 
bids them "enter in".  
All this is done in Silence, the Sacred Word delivered 
in the deep feeling of the Presence shared.
The world knows not of this 
and to discover the Invisible Ones, 
one must quit the world and turn within.  
Here awaits the True Communion of the Brotherhood of Spirit.



Walk the razor's edge of peace.  
This is the only true measure 
of courage and strength.  
There is no virtue but this 
and the one who finds inner peace 
has found the key to true purpose.
Balance is the stillness which 
holds a being to the one point of peace.
Here there is no wavering, no repercussion, 
no cause, no effect.
This balance is the neutral point 
which is the soul and truth of being.  
The only changeless point in all creation 
is the Silence of Peace which awaits man's 
recognition and acceptance 
and is the Truth of Identity.
Here lies the SOURCE of strength, power, 
courage and every noble attribute, 
and that which we call genius.  
And here we are invincible, immortal, 
and all-knowing.
The wonder of it all is that this one point 
is not a static fixed point but rather 
a living fluidic energy spring which 
cleanses, nourishes and sustains man from within 
as he journeys through the outer scene 
in perfect poise.
This power of peace overcomes the world 
as the Enlightened Ones have demonstrated to those 
with eyes to see and ears to hear.
In the Silence all men are One.  
Here am I and here are you.  
Let us walk the razor's edge together 
in Perfect Peace.



You cannot give and come up short.
There is no need to set aside supply.
Supply is Spirit, not money.
If money is needed, Spirit supplies it.
If money is requested, Silence tells where to find it.
This is all impersonal.  Do not even think of it.
Your mind is meant to be silent.
Let Spirit give the gift to you.
Do not try to get it, to decide what to do with it, 
or to direct it in any way.
What comes to you through Consciousness is all-inclusive.
Look to Consciousness for all and receive in Silence.
I Am Spirit.  
Do not interfere with your petty little fears and thoughts.
Get out of the way!
Open up and clear the way.
I am every form and when you speak, you speak to Me!
And when you are spoken to it is I Am Who speaks to you.
Give out your love when you give out the money 
that I have given you.
This is the purpose for which I supply you with money.
I Am the money 
and you are giving out I Am when you give away the form.
Do not choke Me, do not hide Me, do not collect Me, 
Give Me!
If you bind the form to yourself, I leave, 
and you are left holding empty form.
Spirit cannot be bound or grasped.
Spirit must be accepted.



Man accepts hateful and negative thoughts, 
and upon finding them within his mind, 
tries to relieve himself of guilt 
by affixing these thoughts, 
sending them out of what he perceives to be himself 
and attaching them to his brothers who he perceives 
to be "other" than himself.
All this is a deceit.  
These thoughts are his companions 
because he has chosen each and every one 
and has invited them to come in and sup with him.  
Come in they do, 
and root themselves firmly in the ignorance of their host, 
feeding on him and demanding his body as the final feast.
Let him ask who and what was he 
before the invitation of these debauchers?  
For this pristine and original identity 
is his True Identity and before the error, 
below the error, above the error and after the error, 
remains to be his Eternal Self, 
the Host of God, God's Own Son.
And Silently Within, 
while all this is going on, 
God awaits man's invitation 
to "Come In, and Sup with me".


I am your friend, your love, your own
Your Soul Mate before time
I shelter you, I guide your steps
I am your Sweet Divine

You come to me from time to time
We see each other's face
We feel the love, the peace, the joy
And silently embrace

My eye is cast upon you
Now and forever more
You are the one, I call my own,
The Son that I adore


Is joy the thing, or is it not
The very thing that man forgot?
Why does he fear the happy way
To plod along day after day?


Here in the afternooness
I rest with soul serene
A silent single beingness
Alive here in this scene

I love the empty nothingness
That fills my heart so full
The velvet hush of Silence sings
And all the world is null

Yes here we are just Life and me
Alone we two are One
And in not-doing I perceive
My Father's Will Is Done


Friend you know the way I feel
Is written on my brow
To see through me can set me free
The gift of here and now

I thank God for our brotherhood
The love that we do share
A friendship based on faith and trust
And full of gentle care

Understanding is the gown
We help each other sew
And stitch by stitch together now
We see our garment grow

So let's rejoice and sing and dance
Dressed in our mystic veil
And those who wish may join with us
Upon this living trail



I awoke in the night
Saw the dark turn to light
And welcomed another new day

I'm glad I awoke 
To witness the joke
While the rest of the world hit the hay

Just me and ol Max
Took the time to relax
We sat in the garden alone

Ol Max is a cat
But he's more than just that
And is one of the best friends I've known

Though no words were spoken
The Silence was broken
By something I saw in his eye

We sat side by side
Till the darkness had died
And the light of the dawn filled the sky



What scenes of glory I perceive
As round about me Life is weaved
The beauty in a flower's heart
Reflects to every other part

I wake each morning to find the Sea
Caressing, loving, soothing me
With Heaven resting on the line
A marvel of Divine Design

And even more than all of this
I feel within the Silent Bliss
Guiding and protecting me
Gently leading me to see


You look on from a Higher Realm
In which we do appear
Small and insignificant
Yet somehow, very dear

I know this from the Love I feel
I sense your Silent Touch
Your guiding and protecting care
The peace, the joy, and such

Thankyou Brothers in God's Love
For holding out Your Hand
I felt You draw me up just now
I know You understand

And now Dear Father of us all
Receive these Silent tears
Thankyou for the Brotherhood
Who bless and heal my fears



Free flight, fly free!
Give up the power to do
The Spirit who stops to spin and weave
Becomes the me and you

Rise upon the Current
And spread Thy Mighty Wings
Feel the Love that carries Thee
Forget the world of "things"

There is soon an Opening
Dip, then fly right through
Never to return again
To "things" and "me" and "you"

Sister, Brother, Father
I have come Home at last
Now I know that All are One
And dreaming time has passed


Oh Mighty Presence
Whom now I feel
I do not ask that
You should kneel

Now with all the 
Strength in Love
I cast myself
To You Above

Let me hit the
Mark and True
Let me be
Dissolved in You



I see that many times in seeming desperate need 
I have asked of You miracles.  
I see that You have answered every request in subtle 
normalcy and I see that once the gift is given, 
it appears so naturally that I have forgotten my 
desperate request made in fear and uncertainty, 
of things hoped for but not apparent.  
And I have lost sight of Your Love and Unfailing Response 
to my every call.  
I have taken Your miracle for granted.
Thankyou Father for the One Answer which is Every Answer 
and for the Eternal Truth of Your Love and Care.
Thankyou for the Healing and Restoring You have offered 
so Silently and Unconditionally.  
Thankyou for my life, for You are The Creator
and You have thought of me.
Thankyou for re-minding me that I am Your daughter 
and we are Your Children, and You are our Father, 
The One and Only Giver of Life.
When I see Life I am seeing Your Creation.  
When I search my heart I am seeing You.
Thankyou for leading me to dis-cover Your Dwelling Place 
and for Being Here, Within my self, Eternally One with All.


Jesus never taught a system
Or rules of any kind
He came to heal His brother man
The sick, the deaf, the blind

He brought the Truth and Light to earth
He lived the mighty Fact
And mankind thanked Him with the cross
All signed the evil pact

Now to this day the lie goes on
As men march to and fro
Around and round and up and down
And in and out they go

Yes everyman was there that day
Each member, every one
Saw, then turned their back upon
The thing that man had done

Because He gave Himself to men
And let them have their way
The true estate of man is shown
Clearly to this day

They rose up and they killed Him
At least that's what they thought
But three days later, we all know
They found that they had not


Silently and All at Once
The Secret Gift is Known
Deep Within the heart of man
The Sacred Seed is Sown


My outer eyes will not come to see
The One True Cause, Invisibility
For this requires Eyes of Soul
And hidden is the Silent Goal

Yet known through the Sense called Faith
One can within the Spirit bathe
Communing with the Nothingness
One feels the Presence come to bless

I call Him Lord Eternity, I open to receive
I give myself unto His Care, surrender and believe
Then the Mystic Union, silently takes place
And I dissolve to nothingness, within my Lord's Embrace



Man thinks it sport to kill and maim
War is the name of their lame game
They kill the moms and babies too
It seems there's nothing they won't do

They call each other brave and true
And shake each other's hands
Its all to do with "strength" and "power"
They form themselves in bands

Then to the rest of us they say,
"Hey! Get the Hell out of our way!
We're number one, and real tough too
We've got ourselves a job to do!"

And so the rest of Nature's souls
Are sacrificed to men
To be abused, to hurt, to die
Again, again, again

Oh that man would come to see
His true place in Eternity
And being father, husband, friend
Would bring to war a blessed end


I go within, I speak the word, I wait to see the Light
Silence reigns here in my Soul, 
The darkness here is bright

Oh Love Supreme, oh Mighty Truth, Essence of my Being
You are the Fountain Head and Source,
The Sight that I am Seeing

I drink deeply from Your Spring, in Emptyness I'm filled
And in one precious Now with Thee
The Universe is stilled

Here within the darkness the Source of Light is found
the Crystal Chord of Unity 
Is heard without a sound


Spirit comes from up above,
Beside and down below
It is That which speaks to you
That Something that you know

Behind the words, Within the dream
Beyond the starry skies
Yet nearer than our hands and feet
And looking through our eyes

No, Spirit cannot be described,
Explained or set apart
But rather must be realized
Here, deep within the Heart



Could we be wrong in what we've thought?
What might our error thoughts have brought?
Is what we see then really true?
And if not, what can we do?

Are we afraid to question now?
Do we remember even how?
Wasn't there another time,
When life to us was most sublime?

Can it be we've lost our way?
And if so, what can we say?
Do you think that this is so?
I wonder if we want to know?

Is there something we can do
To find out now what's really true?
Do you think it matters much,
Or should we just not ponder such?

What do we think, what do we know?
Where was it we were meant to go?
Weren't love and joy the way?
Can we start again today?


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